Anyone seen a water bottle!!!?

Now that the kids are back to school and sport has resumed, hearing this urgent question is a very common occurrence in my house. We have serial offenders, they know who they are, no need to name and shame here. Reasons given are plentiful, and include but definitely not limited to, lost at the sports field, left at school, taken by a colleague from the work kitchen, absorbed into the abyss of the car back seat. Sometimes they are not actually lost at all and are in plain sight to the calm and collected, but invisible to the panic stricken who should have left 10 minutes ago.

But I have noticed, since we are now able to go about our business as relatively normal as current circumstances allow, this shortage is very apparent. My theory is that the wonderful supply that comes through our doors, as part of an event haul, sports club kit handout or your companies in office stash has all but dried up.

It reminds me that while promotional merchandise is ultimately aimed at the giver’s customer base, they do become part of everyday life once unleashed into the community. Continuing their work, out and about on an everyday basis delivering their brand name to the many that will see, use and be grateful for.

So, if it’s time to restock your merch cupboard, get your little merch ambassadors back out there working hard for your brand, please give us a call. We will help you find what best suits, and who knows your bottle could save the day in someone’s house very soon.