Make your next brand or product launch tactically tactile

Using promotional products to launch a new brand can be an effective way to create awareness and generate excitement about your brand. Promotional products are a tangible way to showcase your brand, and they can provide a lasting impression on your target audience. Here are some tips for using promotional products to launch a new […]

Anyone seen a water bottle!!!?

Now that the kids are back to school and sport has resumed, hearing this urgent question is a very common occurrence in my house. We have serial offenders, they know who they are, no need to name and shame here. Reasons given are plentiful, and include but definitely not limited to, lost at the sports […]

What’s Green is environmental gold, and maybe good for business too.

Sustainability is great for the environment, it makes sense, it seems obvious. But incorporating a more sustainable outlook and strategy means many facets of the business need to come together and work towards this common goal. The promotional product industry is no different. As a supplier to many corporates and organisations we are accountable too. […]

The magic of merch

Ever wondered if promotional products could work for your brand? Or question if its worth the investment? Let me share with you why we think they can add that something something to every brand Whatever you choose for your promotional item it’s going to be very different from other traditional marketing strategies and will offer […]

Is there more to running a successful business than making money?

Furthermore, can contributing to a cause help a business in making money? I think the answer is yes. In the world in which we live these days, our collective social conscience is better and more important to us than it was 5, 10, 20 years ago. Sure, the ever-present self interest means most people and […]