What’s Green is environmental gold, and maybe good for business too.

Sustainability is great for the environment, it makes sense, it seems obvious. But incorporating a more sustainable outlook and strategy means many facets of the business need to come together and work towards this common goal.

The promotional product industry is no different. As a supplier to many corporates and organisations we are accountable too.

In the past environmentally sound merchandise was 9 times out of 10 more expensive than other less sustainable options, however attitudes are changing and there is more choice in the market , we are also seeing these items priced at less of a premium.

Bamboo, organic cotton, PET are common alternatives.

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Choosing more eco merchandise may also be better for your business, how you are perceived by YOUR customers and what actions you are seen to be taking.

It may also affect new clients desire to do business with you.

Although a small cog in a bigger marketing wheel, it makes sense that your branded merchandise represents your outlook to this highly topical global conversation and movement.

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At Mazing Merch we have partnered with Ecologi, and commit to offsetting our impact on this beautiful planet of ours. For every $500 of merchandise that is purchased, we plant x10 trees on behalf of our client. Looking forward to watching the Mazing Merch forests grow.